Uppdateringar om POTS och NMH

Jag har lagt in lite mer info på sidan om POTS och NMH, bl a den här artikeln av Peter C. Rowe. Artikeln (på engelska) ger en bra bild av vad som händer i kroppen vid POTS och NMH och vi kan bl a läsa

In those with POTS, the main result of excessive pooling of blood during upright posture is an exaggerated rise in heart rate. In those with NMH, the main result is a reflex lowering of blood pressure. Some of this is caused by a “miscommunication” between the heart and the brain, both of which usually are structurally normal. Just when the heart needs to beat faster to pump blood to the brain and prevent fainting, the brain sends out the message that the heart rate should be slowed down, and the blood vessels should dilate further. These actions take even more blood away from where it is needed in the central part of the circulation. At this time, it is not entirely clear why some people develop NMH and some develop POTS, although it may relate in part to the balance of epinephrine and norepinephrine release in the system.

Väldigt intressant läsning och artikeln innehåller även en del tips om hur besvären kan hanteras.


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